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Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet
you there.

We are excited to share with you our map to Rumi’s Field:
The No-Fault Zone Game. Order here.

The No-Fault Zone Game uses a mat and card decks to guide you,
step by step, to the clarity, understanding and connection you want—
within yourself and with others. It makes conversations visible, tangible,
and fun for ages 5-95 and across the sometimes-great divide between:

  • Parents & children
  • Spouses & partners
  • Siblings
  • Students
  • Business and Work associates

The No-Fault Zone Game has many ways to play.
You choose what you want to do with it:

  • Practice self-compassion
  • Resolve inner turmoil
  • Have a conversation one-on-one,
    at your own pace
  • Get to the source of problems & conflicts
  • Resolve a conflict mutually & peacefully
  • Learn & practice Nonviolent Communication skills
  • Improve family and workplace communication
  • Make up your own games for connection, learning & fun

Each No-Fault Zone Game comes with: 2 Mats; 2 Card Decks (each deck includes a set of Feelings Cards, Need Cards, and Choice Cards); a token; a booklet of ways to play; a tote bag for storage. Order here.


I’ve not yet found a more friendly, simple, portable, effective and elegant entre into the world of Nonviolent Communication than the No-Fault Zone® Game.

Douglas P. Dolstad, certified Nonviolent Communication trainer for 20 years

The No-Fault Zone Game is flexible and dynamic, adapting to the organic process of the individuals doing the work. It provides a powerful kinesthetic experience that facilitates self-knowledge, self sharing, and change.

Nelle Moffet, University of California
Psychology Professor

This is brilliant!
Having the visuals, the cards makes NVC do-able.
If I’d had this Game in school I wouldn't be in prison now.

Inmate, Twin Rivers Correctional Institution, WA


By putting the conflict on the table, the Game provides an objective perspective and a safe way to proceed.

Rick Bower, Professional Mediator

This is a fabulous tool for the counselor's office! Kids really enjoy it.

Elizabeth Dequine, school counselor,
Bainbridge, WA

In a period of less than an hour playing the game, we uncovered some very core needs for my daughter and me.

Mercedes Frace, Sarasota, FL

We regularly use the No-Fault Zone in our family as we collaborate to solve challenges.

Jessica Smith, Glouster, OH





The No-Fault Zone Map

The Card Decks

Feeling Document

Needs Document

What is Relationship Intelligence

What is Nonviolent Communication


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