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The mat illustrates the human Internal Operating System (IOS), which, for our purposes, is made up of two primary zones: the Fault Zone and the No-Fault Zone. With The No-Fault Zone Game, you learn to read your IOS and direct your attention to the No-Fault Zone, where you are able to function most effectively in your daily life, avoid stress and burnout in challenging situations, and foster relationships that are nurturing and mutually supportive.

The Two Primary Zones of the Internal Operating System

The No-Fault Zone:
This colorful zone includes
the fields of Calm Alert, Choices,
Observations, Feelings, Needs,
and Requests. This is the zone
of well-being. It is where we can
be most effective at fulfilling our
own needs, contributing to the
needs of others, and helping to
create a sustainable, peaceful
world. We always have the
choice to focus on the No-Fault

The Fault Zone: The black and
white areas of the Mat repre-
sent the Fault Zone, land of
Black & White Thinking. B & W
Thinking includes complaining,
blaming,labeling, demanding,
fault-finding, all or nothing, and
“should” thinking. B & W Thinking can be directed at yourself or at others. It causes separation and distrust and gives rise to arguments, conflict, and war.



The Card Decks

Feeling Document

Needs Document

Relationship Intelligence

What is Nonviolent Communication


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