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The Game is played by placing Feelings, Needs, and Choices cards on the Mat.

Two kinds of Card Decks are available for you to select from (see images at the bottom of the page): Picture Card Decks consist of 16 Choices Cards, 16 Feelings Cards, and 16 Needs Cards. Print Card Decks consist of 16 Choices Cards, 46 Feelings Cards, and 46 Needs Cards.

Choices Cards

We always have a choice about whether we speak and listen from the Fault Zone or the No-Fault Zone. The Choices cards help us:

  • determine the choices we are currently making
  • see the range of choices that are always available to us
  • make a new choice that moves us in a direction we would rather go


Feelings Cards

Feelings tell us how well our needs are being met. When needs are not met we might feel frustrated, upset, and discouraged—and when needs are met we might feel contented, joyful, and satisfied.

Feelings can be triggered when, instead of focusing on facts, we add our interpretation and thoughts to the facts of the situation and tell "stories" about it.


Needs Cards

All of us have the same needs. The term needs points to our deepest values, dreams, and requirements for well-being.

Needs are the motivation for all our actions. However, if we have not been educated about needs we often do things that don't effectively meet them. When we are aware of needs and values we are empowered to take more effective actions in the service of our well-being.





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