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Interdependence is a fundamental law of nature. Not only higher forms of life but also many of the smallest insects are social beings who, without any religion, law, or education, survive by mutual cooperation based on an innate recognition of their interconnectedness. —Tenzin Gyatso, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, from The Compassionate Life

Without exception, the natural state of group-living animals is to cooperate, not dominate. Democracy, it turns out, is hard-wired into the DNA of species from ants to zebras. And it includes all of the hominids, from the great apes to Homo sapiens. —Tim Roper and L. Conradt, “Group Decision-Making in Animals”

Our ability to relate intelligently to one another is deeply encoded in our DNA. Relationship Intelligence is the term we use to identify the inborn set of capacities we all have to engage “power with” others for mutual well-being. Relationship Intelligence steps beyond Emotional Intelligence by fully developing the interpersonal dimension. Our “natural” capacities are rarely developed to the level of competency. We can develop competency, improve our Relationship Quotients, by studying, learning, and practicing Nonviolent Communication.

Relationship Intelligence is comprised of four abilities:

  • to take responsibility for one’s own needs
  • to care about the needs of others
  • to value all needs equally
  • to find strategies that can meet everyone’s needs

Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication process
uses feelings as indicators of Universal Human Needs—
the underlying motivators of behavior. All people everywhere
are motivated by the same set of human needs, including
autonomy, honesty, empathy, respect, safety, trust,
companionship, learning, achievement, and self-worth.
When people can identify needs, they are empowered to find
ways to meet them, and to contribute to helping others meet
their needs as well.

Learn to develop your abilities through Nonviolent Communication
practice and The No-Fault Zone Game.



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