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Information & Requests

for using The No–Fault Zone® Game

from Sura & Victoria

Why we do what we do & how you can help us

We offer the No-Fault Zone® Game to help people connect with themselves and with others, to sort through problems, resolve conflicts—make life more wonderful for everyone.

In our business, we endeavor to operate in alignment with our values of: mutual respect, consideration, and care for everyone’s needs.

We make requests of you to help us meet needs for integrity of the No-Fault Zone® Game and for financial viability of our business—so we can keep on developing learning materials. We also want to meet needs for accessibility of our materials, and support for those who want to engage with them.

We hope these values and objectives speak to you, and inspire you to consider our requests and support our work in whatever way you can.


Kindle-Hart Communication holds the copyright to The No-Fault Zone® Game and any derivative trainings, programs and curriculum.

Game Workshops

If you run a workshop that is primarily based on The No-Fault Zone® Game, we request that in your marketing material you state that “The No-Fault Zone® Game is created by Sura Hart & Victoria Kindle Hodson,”

Game Translations

If you are interested in translating, producing and selling The No-Fault Zone® Game, we offer No-Fault Zone Game Agreements. These Agreements are strictly for translating, producing and selling Games in specific languages or geographical regions. If interested, please contact us.

We currently have Game Agreements for: Norwegian, Turkish, Romanian, bilingual Traditional Chinese-English, in English for distribution in Europe; in English for distribution in New Zealand and Australia; bilingual Simplified Chinese-English.

Coaching & Consulting Sessions

We offer one-on-one and group sessions (skype/zoom/phone/in person) on:
– self-connection
– empathy skill development
– communicating with others
– facilitating challenging communication
– navigating conflict
– mediation
– writing sensitive correspondence

email us at

Teacher Support

We offer consultation and coaching sessions on using The No-Fault Zone® Game for SEL, conflict resolution and restorative justice in classrooms.


We have lots of ideas for future services and materials. Here are two current projects. If you are on our mailing list, you will hear when we have these ready for you.
– No-Fault Zone® Communication Workbook/Curriculum for youth
– No-Fault Zone® Facilitator Training Program/Curriculum

Financial Support: It still takes money

Until we create a different economic system, it still takes money for us to do what we do. In addition to materials and services in exchange for money, we also volunteer time and materials when we can. For all our endeavors, we need money to keep going. If you appreciate our work and can send a donation, in any amount, it helps a lot.

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January 30, 2019