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We believe parenting is the most challenging and most important job on the planet. Parents need all the support they can get. As parents of grown children, we know the challenges of parenting from the inside. As parent educators and coaches for the last 30 years, we understand the increasing stresses on family life, including the challenges of new technologies and media influence on our children.

We can help you build a No-Fault Zone® in your home,
where you can:

  • Recognize and find ways to care for your needs while also caring for your children’s needs

  • Support your children’s growing needs for autonomy while
    also providing structures that serve the well-being of all members of your family

  • Shift from managing and policing your child’s behavior to guiding and collaborating

  • Initiate and sustain open and caring conversations

  • Foster mutual respect and co-operation in your family

  • Have more ease and fun at home

No-Fault Zone Solutions for Families Provides:

One-on-One Coaching (in person, by phone, or on Skype). We offer both short-term, solution-focused sessions and longer-term coaching partnerships. We work with individual parents or couples.

Parenting Groups (in person or in telecourse format), based on our book Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids.

Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids Study Groups. Many community parenting groups and book clubs are reading Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids and donating books to their school and public libraries. Contact us if you’d like more ideas for how to share this book in your community.

Click here to schedule a free 20-minute phone call to explore how we might work together.



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No-Fault Zone® Coaching and Consulting

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