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Having managed our own businesses for more than a decade, we have developed many No-Fault Zone® strategies for business. Now we can help your business operate in the No-Fault Zone, where owners, managers, and workers build work environments with the following characteristics:

  • Safety, respect, and order are achieved through mutually agreed-upon rules honored by workers, managers, and owners.

  • Owners and managers shift from managing and enforcing behavior to inspiring willing co-operation.

  • Identification of root causes of problem behaviors leads to solutions that work for everyone involved.

No-Fault Zone Solutions for Business Provides:

A No-Fault Zone Needs Assessment & Strategic Visioning Process to take you from where you are to where you want to go, pinpointing strategic and measurable action steps along the way

A custom-designed Dynamic Action Plan with training, coaching, and individual consultations that support you and your staff achieving the results you want

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No-Fault Zone® Coaching and Consulting

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