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Stop the Fighting, Learn How to Bully-Proof Your Home

Are you sick and tired of your kids fighting all the time? Do you want to put an end to the fighting and bickering, bargaining and demanding?

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • Your kids are continually at each other’s throats, bickering, arguing, fighting and you’re living in a daily battle zone where nobody is happy, least of all you.

  • You’re not having fun with your kids and your kids aren’t having fun with each other.

  • You’re running on empty, not getting any peace and quiet, let alone time for yourself.

  • It’s getting harder and harder to get up in the morning and face yet another day in the battle zone.

There is a reason that there isn’t any peace, harmony, closeness or cooperation, and the kids act like little bullies with each other. It’s a cycle—a cycle that can only be broken with a new action that gives new information and support for a new way of doing things.

If these behaviors sound familiar you are probably using power OVER your kids rather than power WITH them. The more you practice any of these power-over tactics the more apt you are to get all those unpleasant things you don’t want in family life rather than the things you do want.

  • Criticizing

  • Blaming

  • Threatening

  • Lecturing

  • Rewarding & Punishing

By definition these are bullying tactics. The "daily battle zone' exists because your kids have learned to use these same tactics with each other.

Respect and cooperation are learned in an environment where respect and cooperation are “lived” -- where you share your power with kids. Kids who live in power-with environments have no need to bully anyone. They trust that their needs will be considered. They know that they have a voice and choice about many things that affect their lives.

Our Bullying Behaviors Checklist can help you see whether or not these bullying behaviors have gotten a foothold in your home. It will heighten your awareness of bullying behaviors so you can see how your child’s behavior compares. This will also alert you to kinds of behavior to watch out for in your child’s friends, acquaintances, and classmates.

The Parenting Styles Checklist will show you the kinds of things you can say to your kids that will help stop the fighting, start a flow of trust, respect and cooperation, and help you bully-proof your home.

You will find out what kind of "power" you are using in your home and have a chance to think about how your interactions are affecting your kids. And, you will feel more competent and confident that even when you are upset you have something brand new to try that breaks the old, ineffective cycle.

When you learn to practice power sharing ways to talk with your kids you will be teaching them how to do this with each other as well. Isn't it time to put yourself in the driver’s seat and steer your family in the direction you really want to be going?

If you agree, then fill out the form at the top of the page to get your complimentary copy of the Bully-Proof Your Home Checklist.

Taking this simple step can help put your family on the road to peace, harmony, closeness and cooperation.

Sign up with complete confidence. We will never sell, rent, lease, or otherwise share your information with anyone.

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