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We delight in the companionship of teachers and colleagues and their growing presence on the Web. Here are some links to sites closely connected to our work.

Common Ground, Roots and Branches

Common Ground: Victoria & Sura’s Other Websites

LearningSuccess Institute: The LearningSuccess Model of Education helps adults and children discover their unique learning needs. This is a A positive approach based on working with each person’s natural gifts and dispositions, rather than applying dysfunctional labels such as ADD, Dyslexic, Hyperactive, or Learning Disabled.

Northwest Compassionate Communication: We offer communication training for transforming relationships and resolving conflict.

PuddleDancer Press: Our wonderful publisher: you can buy our books here!

Bridge Creek Editing: Our wonderful editor, Kyra Freestar.

Roots: Teachings that Nourish Us

J. Krishnamurti Online: The online repository of the authentic teachings of J. Krishnamurti.
The Montessori Foundation: The International Montessori Council
The Work of Byron Katie: Who would you be without your story?
Robert Fritz Inc: The mechanics, orientation, and spirit of the creative process.

Colleagues and NVC Resources

Catherine Cadden & ZENVC
John Cunningham
Marianne Gothlin
Melanie Whitham

Bay Area Nonviolent Communication
Center for Nonviolent Communication
Communicate for Life
Empathy Now
Greater Good Magazine
Nonviolent Communication Santa Cruz
NVC Academy online learning









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